Friday, March 3, 2017

Why don't many Christians Celebrate The Biblical New Year? ( March 2-3 2017)

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The reason why many Christians don't celebrate the Biblical New Year because it dates back to Roman Emperor Constantine. The first Council of Nicaea 325 a.d., when they created the new man-made Universal Christian Religion, separating themselves from the original Biblical Holy Sacred traditions given to Israel by God YHVH to Moses. As time moves on, the break-offs of the Universal Christian Religion took the traditions and beliefs created by the Universal Christian Religion, also adopting other pagan “holy” days (holidays) into the Universal Christian Religion. Leaving YHVH's Biblical Holy Calendar with symbolic festivals of past and future events, established to teach and remind us of the promises God has kept, leaving the calendar behind.

The Biblical New Year is the start of the first month; Abib (Aviv)/Nisan of the New Year, made sacred and Holy by our Creator and Father, YHVH. This time-keeping calendar was created for Holy festivals helping Israel and those of faithful believers of Yeshua to memorialize symbolic events of past and present, such as Passover, Resurrection Day, Weekly Sabbath and even the second coming of Christ Yeshua’s Feast of Trumpets.

Why is it important? Time is not given to us to waste but for a deeper account of the understanding of Salvation, the New Covenant and the Second Coming of the King. Understand, the HOLY Calendar doesn't just cease, because most of mankind has stopped using it, never used it or even altered it.

Here are some examples of how the calendar works.In the Biblical Calendar, the "Day" starts in the evening (dusk to dusk): I.E. ~ Dusk, Evening, Dawn, Morning, Afternoon, Dusk. When looking at how all the new months start at the sliver of the New Moon, not the absent moon, nor full moon. We get the Weekly Sabbath by the start of the Biblical New Year day, being the first day of the month, then count to the seventh day, then you would be following the Weekly Sabbath.

YHVH plans have and will always be in motion, the Calendar is only a glimpses of “time travel” per say. It’s not a code, but a reminder, not a checklist, but a gauge of things to come. It’s better than Outlook and Google calendars, it’s a yearly reminder that the Almighty God has created for a reminder of HOPE!

May YHVH Bless your coming days!