Sunday, March 5, 2017

Have You Heard Of The Bible Project?

I chose to talk about The Bible Project because of the appreciation that our Ministry and family has for their mission.  The Bible Project is a non-profit that provides a visual illustration video that breaks down the Bible, book by book. "Read Scripture" divides up each book into sections. It tells who the author is of each particular book. It breaks down the message into a simple to understand form. They always give their content for away for free. 

The design is like reading an outline at the end of a chapter then you read the chapter for yourself remembering the main points. It is broken down into 16 parts, that are not in chronological order but is placed to show the whole story.  This was designed to help people learn how to read the Bible and help those who find the Bible intimidating. Reading the Bible is an intellectual and Spiritual experience. 

The Bible Project has animations, podcast, books and print resources, the materials will be translated into different languages. When you visit you can see the latest project they're working on. Our Ministry gives a monthly donation to support the mission. You can help them to continue to make these projects by giving a one-time gift or be a monthly supporter yourself.

May YHVH bless you coming days!