Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Pick: Venture Mom From Idea To Income In Just 12 Weeks

The book is Venture Mom written by Holly Hurd. My favorite quote from this book is, "Create your business around something that taps both into your experience and your passion." This book gives real life advice and tips with real-life stories of successful Moms. The book begins with a Q&A to get to know what you enjoy and what you would want to do. 

Some ideas that are covered in the book are:

Personal Chef /Meal Service
Designing Playrooms
Skin Care Line
Creating an App
Writing a Novel
Starting a Class
Creating a Product
Creating a Newsletter
Creating in Fashion
Creating a helpful website

This book gives you the steps of creating a business from beginning to end; by using a twelve-week plan by writing everything out in a notebook. How to get the basics of what is the problem and the solution. Who you do your business for. Where they find you. It is recommended to get input from your friends and family about your business idea. If they like the idea and would they use the product or service.  There are suggestions on how to get your name out there and network. One of these ways is to go out and be a speaker and getting your "elevator pitch down."  

In closing, I say try your idea. You could have a solution to a small problem or huge problem. The idea could help with relieving stress for someone or help with their everyday routine. Always remember every day is an opportunity.