Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fashion Pick: 5 Ways To Keep Warm

It has been super cold and raining in Southern CA. It has been freezing, nothing like our east coast brothers and sisters. Born and raised Californian, we really don't like anything below 60 degrees. There has been a definite cold front everywhere. 

Here are 5 ways to keep you warm: 

Fleece-   Is usually made from a coat of a sheep. This is good for protecting the skin from moisture. It absorbs very little moisture. The material  is good for layering, because it is a good insulator. Fleece is not that great at protecting from cold wind.

Wool- Is made from sheep's wool. It is a great temperature regulator, even when wet. The fabric protects from cool air. Wool is a little bit pricier but better to protect you from the cold. 

Layering- Put on layers and remove them as your body temperature rises. This is great to remember when working out in cold conditions. 

Hats- The head releases 45%-90% of the bodies heat. Trap all that body heat with a hat.   

Scarfs & Ear Muffs- If you are still freezing try more accessories. Cover the ears with some ear muffs and cover that neck with a scarf.