Friday, November 16, 2012

Pick of the Week: Best Shopping App in 2012

Out of Milk App has a Shopping List, Pantry List & To-Do List all in one app. I have used this app before shopping and while shopping. It has been a great way to stay organized and reduce those unwanted trips to the store because you always forget that one ingredient or the toilet paper. With this app, your shopping list can be with you everywhere, because its right there on your phone. The Pantry List allows you keep track of your pantry items like spices and other essentials for the pantry. The To-Do list helps you keep track of any other items on your daily list. There is also a cool option to scan the barcode on an item that you use the last of at the house and it will automatically put it on your shopping list. There is also an option to speak the item you need and you don't even have to type it in. You can prioritize your shopping list by dragging the item up or own on your list. When you tap the item on your list you can put in the quantity. You can also put in the price, a category like (produce, meat, etc.) You can put if it is tax-free or if you have a coupon for the item. If you still want to put more details about that item there is a note section. When you put your list together and include the prices it will tell you how much your items have totaled. This is a great way to budget. The Out of Milk App's website doesn't give the app justice because it doesn't list all the great things you can do with it.  This has truly saved me time, money and a lot of frustration. Most of all this saves a lot of paper from being wasted. This is shopping made a little easier.