Sunday, November 18, 2012

Health Pick: Pink Ribbon Exposed!

Pink Ribbons Inc. is a documentary that shows how the pink ribbon is really being used for corporate gain instead of creating awareness. As well as for companies that are trying to improve their image, trying to look more caring. This documentary was released in June 2012. It was based on the book, Pink Ribbons Inc. Right now you can watch the documentary on Netflix. It illustrates how big companies that donate money to the "cause" have products that also contribute to cancer. A car company had multiple factory workers diagnosed with cancer. A yogurt company was caught using rGBH in their products, known to causes cancer. There is a well-known beauty company that uses cancer causing ingredients, also participate in the campaign. It is really sad that only 15% of the fundraising money goes to prevention. There is another 5% goes to environmental causes. This is a great documentary that shows different perspectives, including the research on Breast Cancer. 

I have seen cancer and how much it hurts people and families. That is why it hurts me so much for something so painful and life changing to be used to make money. The money gain could be focused on prevention and not just a mention.