Saturday, May 15, 2021

Taking Responsibility in the 7 Approaches to Healing


Dear Beloved, Hearers and Doers,

      This is the first to the Seven Approaches of Healing, starting with taking responsibility. The motivation of sharing these approaches is in hope that others will heal by overcoming this time and rise in your growth.  This will cover: Responsibility, Seasons of Age, Awareness, Acceptance, Communication, Optimism Of Things Can Change, and Positive Mindset Transformation. Then bringing it all together to step up and step out in love to connect. 

      In taking responsibility, it is about being responsible in all areas of your life.  Enjoy by grabbing and holding onto the moment. Finding what you love and to feel the achievement of your purpose. Think about the destination and know the direction while enjoying the ride. The direction is to see your best self.  To be responsible is to measure the targets and the results in your life. 

     There is a responsibility of knowing your own emotions. To know your limits. Notice when you are pushing yourself too much and when to take a break.  Have the ability to observe boundaries and set boundaries. To understand your minimum and maximum levels of emotion. There has to be a responsibility of trust with yourself to trust your instincts and have faith in your instincts.        

     Taking responsibility of the thoughts and emotions that floats through your body. Stop reacting and start to analyze your initial responses. Holding on to areas in your life where healing points to the direction of happiness. Not to blame others and not allowing worries to stall your life. Look at your efforts you put forth.  Look at how you spent your time, determines what you value. Asking yourself, "What is your value system?"

Choose to interpret what has happened to help you and not harm you. Your Healing Approach is your Responsibility

Let love overflow in every cell of your body! 

Ezra 10:4 ~ Arise, for it is your task, and we are with you; be strong and do it."