Friday, July 17, 2020


This song is being shared in the celebration of Yahshua. There are some who do "Christmas" in July. In a way of celebration of Him and not of things or decorations. The month of Elul, which falls in July of this year is the month of "repentance, mercy, and forgiveness."

Like Yahshua, eyes are opening for the first time as earthly birth. So are the opening eyes and the waking up of the sleeping giants is for our Kings on this Earth to wake up and stay awake with both eyes open. To NOT fall back asleep into their comfort zone. It is their time to Shine!

The power will be brought through the peace of unity and that unity will be bound by love and not fall apart. Like the heartbeat of our King Yahshua during birth. Everyone will have that same heartbeat of a lion. That same cadence. There is a reason why Judah is first. To get a heartbeat of a lion you have to have been through somethings. The whole world right now has been through somethings and it is time for the tribes to come together and be there for one another. 

There is a time for everything. In this time we still stand for our Kings that they still see their destiny!

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