Monday, July 6, 2020

LADY Wellness Coaching Session 4

Wellness Session 4

Dear Beloved, Hearers and Doers,

In the fourth wellness session, the focus will be on Personal Growth of being confident, self-assured, and content with who you are as a person. Knowing what appreciation is and knowing what Love is. What do you picture in your mind that symbolizes Love? Personal Growth is developing your inner uniqueness so you can live fully with no regrets. Personal Growth is about joy, peace, and happiness.

Have a daily appreciation of what is working. Appreciation replaces lack. Knowing that you are enough, worthy, important, and valuable. Love replaces fear. Calm replaces anxiety. What words make you feel calm, peaceful, and harmonious? What do you picture when you think of Peace and Harmonious. What makes you feel loved? What is a reminder that brings that feeling and what locks it in?

Reaching a place of Calm replaces Anxiety. Finding a place of Peace. To appreciate daily for what is working. Someone can only get so much done in a day. Just appreciating the accomplishments of what did get done, if it was a small or large task. Being one step further than yesterday.

Having Support replaces sabotage. There are many places to find support with family, friends, and community spaces. It is always good to have a place to share your thoughts and feelings. Remember a time when you felt supported and go back to that person or place to receive guidance for the next step.

Find yourself encouragement. Encourage yourself  by saying "I can do this."  Some of the time we say "yes" to so many others and don't say, "yes" to ourselves. Taking time for ourselves to personally grow. To be the best Mother or Father that we can be and to be the best at what we are setting our hearts and our minds to. Our developmental success comes from implementing what we have learned. Look at what is working and what is not working. 

My Self Reflection in Personal Growth

1.) What do you picture when you picture Love? I picture two locks locked together. One of the locks has a key and the other lock has a combination. I think of the combination lock being opened with a combination like a wedding date. Then the lock is opened with a key after the combination lock is open.

 2.) What words make you feel calm, peaceful, and harmonious? When I face my Goliaths (challenges) I feel calm, peaceful, and harmonious. In faith I have fought him with no armor, everything I have been through I have hit him between the eyes. Unlike the Bible, Goliaths continue to be the next challenges. He gets back up, we do the next dance and I pick up the next stone. 

3.) What makes you feel loved? Time makes me feel loved, being in the moment. I am a person that is very respectful of someone's time and I don't take it lightly. The time that someone is giving you is time that they could put somewhere else. Time is something you can't get back. You can make up for a lost time, but it will still be at a different time.

The LADY Wellness Program ~ Foundation Scripture 

1 Samuel 22:10 ~ And he inquired of the Lord for him, gave him provisions, and gave him the sword of Goliath the Philistine."

Please take this and allow this to grow you and strengthen you with all my Love & Shalom.