Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Health Pick: White Willow Bark

I have been using Solaray White Willow Bark for about three years now as needed . (Not while pregnant)  I take the capsules and it has been very effective. White Willow Bark is a tree and has been used since 400 B.C. This is good for headaches, breaking fevers, reducing pain and swelling in joints. Many people use Willow Bark instead of aspirin and ibuprofen because they can irritate the lining of the stomach and colon. 

White Willow Bark is is not recommended for individuals under the age of 16; as with any aspirin. It is not recommended for pregnant women. This has been used for the flu, a mild pain reliever and menstrual cramps. White Willow Bark can be purchased in capsule and powdered form. The price range is between $5.00 and $8.00. 

As always consult with your Medical/Health Adviser before trying or using any new herbal remedy. This is for informational purposes only, not to treat or cure any diseases.