Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby Pick: Baby Bargains Book

The Baby Bargain book has a lot of useful money saving information for babies. The book has reviews on baby furniture, equipment and much more. There are photos of the products and are graded with a letter grade. There is also great information on how long to use an item and a lot of safety tips. Below I have listed some money saving notes that I found in this book.   

A great find for cheap baby furniture is Ikea. (It might not last though more than two kids)

For diapers you can go to Costco. (Box of 216 for about $31.00).

Instead of paying a lot for baby intercoms you can find phones with a room monitoring options.

You can find great deals and sometimes free baby items on Craigslist and don't forget the newspaper too.

When shopping for resale baby equipment, keep up to date on recalls.

Bargain shop at thrift stores and consignments.

With resale clothes, watch out for loose buttons that could be a chocking hazard or strings that cut off circulation. 

If your going the yard sale route, bring batteries to make sure the items work. 

Check with your health insurance to see if they will pay for a breast pump.

Check to see if your health insurance, auto insurance or employer will pay for a car seat with a completion of a parenting class.  

Happy Searching!