Sunday, December 11, 2011

Savings Pick: The Best $3.99 Deal

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This was my most recent purchase for my house. I love this product. I purchased it for $3.99 in an As Seen On TV store in the mall. What I have noticed is that different places charge different prices for this item, so it all depends on where you go. It has to be the one of the best $3.99 purchases I have made. There is a Twirl A Belt too. I didn't see it in the store that I went to,  but I would buy one of those as well. It really does spin all the way around to. Another good use I found for it, is to use it as a divider if you have to share the closet with your husband. Your clothes on one side of the Twirl A Tie and his on the other. I have had some bad experiences with As Seen TV products, but they have redeemed themselves with the Twirl A Tie.