Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fashion Pick: The Cardigan War

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The history of the Cardigan sweater dates back to the mid 1800s. A British military commander by the name of James Thomas Brudenell was the seventh Earl of Cardigan and the sweater was named after him. The wearing of the Cardigan sweater during the Crimean War made the sweater popular in culture.
The sweater became ever more popular with the French and Irish fisherman. The sweater came in handy on the cold seas.

Both men and women can wear Cardigans. The man's Cardigan is often referred to as the mandigan. Now the sweaters are made out of many different materials. The more traditional materials are wool and cotton that are good for keeping you warm during the cold seasons. With a Cardigan you can add an additional look to your outfit; or create an outfit around your Cardigan. A Cardigan is made by machine or hand knitted. It can be a: fly away, buttoned, tied, zipped or pulled over. It can have extra accents of: fur, snaps and sometimes a belt. There are many cuts to pick from: v-neck, classic jeweled neck, with/without collar and sleeveless. Cardigans have had a lot added over the years and a lot of fabric has been taken away too.

There is an old story that goes around about how a Cardigan once saved a mans life. There was a secret agent trying to kill a Bulgarian radio editor by injecting him with a pellet of poisonous Ricin. The secret agents attempt failed because the Cardigan sweater that the radio editor was wearing was made of a thick wool. This made me wonder if the radio editor wore this Cardigan everyday for the rest of his life. Also if the secret agent acquired a deep dark hatred for the Cardigan.

1865 the letter sweater Cardigan hit the baseball field of Harvard. 1920's Co Co Chanel created the collarless Cardigan jacket with matching skirts. 1950's The thin woolen Cardigan sweater with matching sleeveless pull over and poodle skirt was a staple of this time. 1990's women wore the Cardigans at full length and calf length with pants.