Saturday, March 14, 2020

I wanted to share this song because of what it means to me as LADY and what it represents. The definition of LADY means Loving Always Daily YAH. Taking each day one at a time for Him. When I wake up I  say Love You and Thank You for just waking me up to see another day and thankful to be where I am. I wake up and spend time with Him and Yahshua asking for directions on how the day should go with prayer and take a deep breath to release any unnecessary  anxiety that I have for the day. I need him on the daily with morning journaling that I often share to my blogs or other writing pieces that I share with everyone. At night I write in a physical journal that I write down scripture and what I have learned from the day because everyday is a learning experience for the next day to get better.

This song goes into how YAH and Yahshua is the center of the home. Needing YAH and Yahshua on the regular. People don’t know what you go through to reach out to other people.  Building that relationship everyday. Drawing near closer to their hearts to be connected. A wonderful connection of Grace, Peace and endless deep Love. That deepness and that strength that you only find in each other's eyes. My shout out and prayer goes out to Christain Daly for the Faith, Love and Hope that I have seen in your eyes. I understand why my Big Momma would not let us talk to her with sunglasses on because our eyes would tell her everything.    

We are designed to be there for one another. To walk away from each other is selfish, it is like walking away from part of ourselves because we are in the body of Yahshua, we are all connected that is why scripture talks about us being brothers and sisters.   

In the beginning of the song you will see the scripture Psalm 55:22, “Cast your burden on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never permit you to be moved.”