Saturday, February 1, 2020

Time to Get The House in Order

Dear Beloved Hearers and Doers,

     This week's discussion will be on getting our house in order. Looking at how to get our life organized. Everybody usually at the beginning of the year starts with the same goal of focusing on themselves. This year lets start a new approach if it is losing weight or just having a better lifestyle this year to ask someone to join us. I have already started this approach with losing weight in having friendly competition and support from other friends. I am very blessed to have the support and friends willing to do the loose weight race with me. I look at the different aspects of what I hope to accomplish as a race. There is a preparation for getting ready for a race. There is an endurance that you have to have so that you keep running and don't quit mentally or physically.

If we start to look around at the foundation of our houses, we need to look at the organization of our homes, with our filing. I have folders January through December for the modern calendar year and then I put them on rotation for the next year. At the end of the year, I check to see what papers we need to keep and what needs to be discarded. This is a good way to look at how you maintained your finances for the year and how you are conserving energy based on your bills.

There have to be spaces created for what you need, this falls into the organization. If you want to do more planning have a place to sit down and do your planning. If you want to do more reading, have a special reading spot. It is like redesigning your house for the upcoming year.  Get rid of the clutter, when you have clutter around you, it clutters the mind. It is getting the mess out of your house and the mess out of yourself. When I say "mess out of yourself" is anything that is not the Truth. YAH (Creator) looks at you with two eyes if you are following any organization that is looking with one eye, ask yourself why? Look deeper into your Bible, keep the leaven out, you won't get to know the Blessings that are coming next. 

YAH (Creator) is the builder of everyone's home and Yahshua (Messiah) is the cornerstone to the home he is there holding the walls together. Some people see him in their home with all the Blessings around and some people don't. It is like that unopened Bible, just waiting on you; to be there for you to help and comfort you.     

Take an action plan by starting room by room. This is with cleaning and organizing. Go from corner to corner what is serving a purpose and what is not. If it is not serving a purpose, remove it.  

Wisdom comes from the Bible. Knowledge is a witness to the Bible. It starts as a foundation and knowledge builds from there. So if you don't truly read the bible you will not obtain the knowledge that you have already sought. We should be walking Bibles.

Peace be with you in Yahshua's name! Happy Biblical Hebrew New Year!

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