Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Lady Pick: Is the Coffee Press & The French Press the Same?

Image result for bodum coffee press at target
I have this same model

To answer the long held question are the two the same; the Coffee Press and the French Press? 

It is really not a long held question. The first French press was made in the year 1925, by inventor Attilo Calimani.
There are French Presses that come with a glass breaker, a plastic breaker and also in stainless steel. You can use fresh grounded coffee beans or buy course grounded coffee.

To use the French Press it is quick with 4 easy steps:

1.  Boil Water
2.  Pour Coffee grinds on the bottom of the French Press 
3.  Pour in boiling water and allow two to three minutes to steep
4.  Put in the filter and gently press down.

This also can be used with tea and the same process with tea bags or loose tea leaves.

The French Press is great to have at work. You can use the hot spout on the water cooler and have your own special coffee. By making your own, you can control if you want to have it Organic or mix blends. If you want to have caffeinated or decaffeinated. You will not have to wonder whats in the mystery pot that has been sitting there all day. Or maybe even worse the instant coffee packet. 

I myself have a Bodum Coffee Press that was purchased at Target for around $14.99. We have had ours for about four years and there is no visible wear and tear. The other great thing is they are easy to clean. I still use my coffee pot for multiple cups. This is my go to on the weekend to make coffee for my Husband and I. 

To answer the question - Yes! The Coffee Press and French Press are the same. But, I enjoy calling it a French Press to make it more fancy. Wee-wee. (French voice).