Thursday, March 14, 2013

Foodie Pick: Forks Over Knives Movie Review

My husband and I recently watched Forks over Knives on Netflix. My husband also borrowed the movie from a friend, where I watched the bonus features. The movie details how food can be used as a medicine. The benefits can reverse conditions like Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and different Cancers.  

The movie follows a biochemist and a surgeon that were raised on a farm from an early age. This  shares their discoveries and individual studies. There is also a look into the life of patients struggling with chronic conditions. The patients go on the plant based diet and it changes their lives dramatically. This shares the benefits of plant based diets and how it can be used for prevention. 

In the bonus features of the DVD, it shares how there are a lot of tax dollars that are used for dairy. Starting with the Drink Milk ads (with those celebrities, very pricey). To how fast food is being persuaded to add cheese and promote cheese items more. There is a big difference in the cheese that you buy without hormones and at cheese shops. The cheese used in fast food along with the cheese you can buy in a box is very processed. It has been found that some of this processed cheese is one molecule away from plastic.  

I appreciate that the film makers brought awareness to the research that was found about meat products. I would have liked to seen more touched on about hormones, processed foods and how food is limited. Especially if you are going to do the plant based diet to stay away from genetically modified everything and to stick to organic; to receive full health benefits.  Again, I myself am a Clean Eater, which means I eat organic without hormones and pesticides.  I especially love cheese; so much that I have invented an invisible mouse that eats the cheese in my house. This movie did make me ask the question of, "Why are meat products pushed and promoted so much?" I do plan to reduce the amount of meat products that my family consumes and buy even more plant based foods.