Friday, December 14, 2012

Pick of the Week: Recycling at rePlanet!

If you need a little extra cash, recycling might be the answer. I started to recycle at rePlanet and I learned that you can recycle more than just your basic recyclables with a redemption value on it. I started to recycle shampoo bottles and laundry bottles; everything with a recycle 2 sign on it. There are many rePlanet facilities around. You can go to to find your nearest location. You can do the weight by pound option or recycle each item by hand. The Recycling centers are conveniently located within a half mile away from a supermarket. 

There is also an option to sign up for rePlanet's email list to receive recycle coupons. Yes, this is advanced Pro Recycling! How the coupons work is you will receive a higher value for your recyclables. At different times of the year rePlanet holds a contest and they do fundraising as well. Happy Recycling!