Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Health Pick: 10 Ways To Relax & Renew Your Day

  1. Pray- All the time is a good time to Pray. Let God be your counselor. 
  2. Smile- Its hard to stay in a bad mood when you smile. You can brighten another persons day by smiling at them and they will usually smile back.
  3. Write- You can write everything and anything in a journal. Many use it as a form of therapy. Some write about food, lost ones, worries habits and how those habits make them feel.
  4. Pamper Yourself- This doesn't mean to go broke at a salon. A nice bath or a relaxing shower. Some rose pedals, scented candles, a special body wash or any of those bath sets you say "I will use those one day." Today is the day!
  5. Sleep- Resting and sleep are very important. Most people sleep only about 5 hours a night. With hectic schedules and those thoughts that come to mind as your head hits the pillow. Put those thoughts away and sing a lullaby if you have to. Try to keep your bedroom cool and clutter free.
  6. Learn a Skill- Find a local class to learn a new skill. Scrapbooking, sculpt, paint, draw knitting or weaving. There are many forms of art out there, my art is cooking.
  7. Quality Time- Take the time to spend with family and friends. Having a good conversation can sometimes be all that is needed to catch up. Time flies, don't loose to much time.
  8. Dance- It's ok to bust a move. Get moving and burn some calories too. Have you ever danced and watched your shadow? Its a must try and guaranteed to make you laugh.
  9. Sing- This helps a lot while driving, in traffic or just trying to calm your nerves. If your not the best singer, just turn the music up a little bit and here comes the next Voice contestant.
  10. Be Thankful- Understand how Blessed you are! The fact that you can do these things on the list. Focus on what you do have and appreciate what is sitting right in front of you. Know that you are loved by God and your never alone in this world.