Thursday, December 8, 2011

Health Pick: FDA Wants To Ban Natural Vitamin Supplements

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There is a bill being proposed called the Dietary Supplement Safety Act. This bill will allow the FDA to remove natural vitamin supplement products from the market place. The FDA has already been trying to push having Vitamin B6 to be banned and be used as a pharmaceutical prescription drug to treat diabetic kidney failure. 
Here is an example in money terms the prescription drug Lovaza. This is a drug that is used to treat heart patients and it is nothing more than Omega- 3 fish oil. A 30 day supply of Lovaza is $195.00. You can buy the same natural supply in stores for around $30.00.
The Natural Vitamins are becoming the pharmaceutical company's biggest competition. This means anyone paying taxes will pay 500 % more towards taxes for basic nutrients. For example Vitamin A will have some  crazy name slapped on it by a pharmacutical company and charge us $200 for a natural vitamin. Another concern with the lack of Vitamin supplements is that we will experience more common diseases that third world countries experience because lack of nutrition. 
Don't loose hope when and if we see the shelves empty of vitamins. You can still get nutrients from "Super Foods." Juicing Organic Fruits and Vegetables is a great alternative. Many people don't think about it but our Organic seasonings that we have in our cabinets have vitamin properties in them as well. 
Always remember that knowledge is power. The more you research; the more you learn, the more you prosper. Taking time for a little preventative care today will save you money, time and memories with the investment that you make in your health today.