Thursday, December 22, 2011

Foodie Pick: The Dangers of Eating Microwaved Food

Image found at science photo 

The story of the Microwave begins with two researchers Blanc and Hertel that found, cooking in a Microwave significantly changes the nutrient value in food. They did a two month study with eight individuals that ate food that was Microwaved and took blood test immediately after the food was consumed. The test reveled that hemoglobin levels decreased. These two scientist were told that if they released their findings that they would face hefty fines and up to a year in prison. Years later the gag order was removed and this is how this story is shared today.

After World War 2 Russia experimented with Microwave ovens. Their research started 1957 and is still ongoing. They had a lot of great findings in their research. When pre-pared meats are Microwaved d- Nirosodiethanolamine is created; this breaks down the protein and pulls in radiation.(cancer causing) When milk and cereal is heated up in the Microwave, the amino acids are mixed and splits the proteins.(cancer causing) Free radicals are created when heating up vegetables.(cancer causing) The indigestion of Microwaved foods caused higher percentage of cancerous cells in the blood. Malfunctions occur in the lymphatic system causing the degeneration of the immune system. The unstable catabolism in the Microwaved food, lead to disorders of the digestive system. Those who ingested Microwaved food lead to disorders of the digestive system and showed more: stomach cancers, degeneration of peripheral cellular tissues and excretory system function. As a result Russia banned Microwaves in 1976. The ban was lifted in 1987 after Perestroika.

There are violent changes in the food by Microwaving it and causes the food molecules to form new life forms called radiolytic (mutation) compounds. This causes deterioration in the blood and immune system. Standing in front of the Microwave is dangerous for your health because Microwaves leak radiation. You can see how it makes cells explode when putting an egg in the Microwave. There has also been a link found in Microwave emissions and fertility problems in men.

The Microwave is a form of electromagnetic energy, something like light waves and radio waves. Microwaves are very short waves of electromagnetic energy that travels at the speed of light.

The body is electrochemical and any changes to this from a Microwave will effect the whole physiology of the body. Degeneration and circuit breakdowns of electrical nerve impulses also take place. Long lasting residual effects of magnetic traces are left though out the nervous system and lymphatic system. It destabilizes and interrupts the production as well as hormonal balance in men and woman. The Microwave causes high levels of brain wave pattern disturbance through out a persons brain. From this disturbance, there were many problems found: loss of memory, loss of the ability to concentrate, emotional instability , reduced intelligence and effects sleep. It causes the brain to “short out” the electrical impulses in the brain, which can cause long term brain damage. The body doesn't recognize the food that is microwaved and can't metabolize it. Microwaved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous tumor growths. When eating Microwaved food, it increases cancerous cells in human blood.

There is a story of an Oklahoma woman that died from a simple blood transfusion because the nurse put the blood in the Microwave to heat it up. The blood was altered by being heated up in the Microwave and killed her.

When the Microwave came into peoples home the way things were done changed forever. People developed short attention spans. The saying of “ all good things come to those who wait” went out the window. People developed a “ I want it now” complex and we have the Nazis to thank. They first invented the Microwave oven, to use to support mobile operations. Now over 90% of American homes have a Microwave oven. I am not one of these homes! Once I started eating Organic, I thought to myself why go through the trouble of getting food with nutrients to put it in a box that just zaps all the nutrients out, it is an oxymoron.