Thursday, November 24, 2011

Health Pick: By Readers Request : Acai

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My experience with Acai is first, I usually can't pronounce it correctly. It is pronounced (ah-sigh-hee) and I usually say (Akee) I don't know why I continue to pronounce it this way. I constantly correct myself and I still end up with (Akee). Maybe that is why this grape like berry is frustrating for me. My favorite natural energy drink has Acai in it and my morning shake mix has Acai as one of the ingredients. I have tried a couple of juices that were a Acai and berry blend that I didn't care to much for the taste. It all depends on what you try and how the Acai is processed.

Acai berries are from the Brazil rain forest region. They grow on a 90 foot palm tree and are a reddish purple colored fruit. It is one of the few fruits that contains monounsaturated fats (MUFAS). It has been said to taste like a combination of berries and chocolate. The Acai berry is 95% seed and only 5% is used to make food and drinks. With a life span of less than 24 hours after it is picked , it is recognized as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Brazilian people have used the berries for years to treat skin conditions and digestive problems.

When buying Acai make sure that it is 100% pure Acai and is freeze dried. Make sure there is no fillers or additives. Acai extracts are not the best because when the fruit is extracted they lose their nutritional properties. Researchers believe that Acai has the highest concentrations of antioxidants of most foods on the planet. These antioxidants fight excess free radicals(atoms, molecules, or ions that if allowed to run free in the body it will increase the aging process and cancers.) With anthocyanins and flavonoids properties in Acai, it fights off these free radicals.

The rumor that Acai helps with cancer comes from the study that Stephen Talcott and his team did on Leukemia cells that were tested. This test was done on only a cell – culture model and not in humans. Mr. Talcott believes that this will most likely work in humans, but nothing is confirmed yet.

A lot of people have lost a lot of money due to Acai. Due to the fake free trials floating around the internet. There has not been any conclusive evidence at this time that Acai helps people lose weight. I have researched different 30 day cases that didn't feel much different after taking Acai and didn't notice any weight loss.
When buying Acai look for Organic 100% freeze dried Acai made from Acai skin. The drying techniques make a huge difference on the effectiveness of the Acai. Stay away from spray dried which means it was sprayed with hot gas. Also stay away from foods and drinks made from the Acai seed.

As always consult your Medical/Health Adviser before trying or using any herbal remedy. This is for informational purposes only, not to treat or cure any diseases.