Friday, November 18, 2011

Foodie Pick: Does Milk Really Do A Body Good?

Image found at altadena

We have all seen those commercials that tell us to “drink our milk” and all those ads with the milk mustaches.  Then learning about rBGH makes you wonder what have we been drinking.  What I noticed when I was recycling that the milk bottles that were not rinsed out completely turned a neon green color over time.  This is what made me research what is going on with the milk. I have never seen this happen with my Organic milk containers.  I will always buy Organic Grass Fed milk. You can taste the difference between the treated milk and the un-treated milk.  The two companies that are well distributed that do not use the hormone are Clover and Altadena. There are more companies just look at the label for Organic and says Not From Cows Treated With rBGH. To make sure what you are drinking I would research the company that you are buying your dairy foods.

In 1985 the US started the research and gave the official Go in 1994 to use the hormone. rBST & rBGH is a generically engineered bovine growth hormone. They are similar, if not the same. This is sold everywhere under different trade names that are licensed under the Monsanto Corporation that invented this product. The rBST is injected into cows to increase their milk production. It increases the milk production by 15%.  It has been rumored that rBST has been linked to cancer of the breast, colon, lung and prostate and others.   

The cows treated with this hormone have painful side effects. It creates inflammation of the utters that create a pus and then gets into our milk. I have heard that sometimes blood gets into the milk because the utters are so raw and inflamed. To treat these cows and to try to heal their utters, they are pumped with antibiotics. As a result the antibiotics get into the milk and then we drink it. These are very heavy duty antibiotics to treat a 1,000 pound animal. With us receiving all these antibiotics through our dairy products and meat, we build our resistance up to antibiotics. So when we go to the hospital with a simple virus (cold), a stronger antibiotic has to be used that can be damaging to the liver, kidneys etc. Please take in consideration the dairy products you consume: butter, cheese, sour cream and the rest of your dairy products.