Thursday, November 10, 2011

Foodie Pick: Why Is Organic Better?

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When you walk into a store that has only Organic produce the smells are overwhelmingly amazing. You can close your eyes and smell the apples, oranges, broccoli, bananas and ohh the strawberries. When you pick up the apple you do not see a reflection of yourself on the waxy surface; but from the smell of the apple you can almost taste the fresh crisp apple in your mouth. Organic foods are produced without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They do not contain GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). The plants or animals DNA have not been altered and the food was not grown in a lab. 

I pick Organic food because it taste better and it still has its nutrients. It has not been washed in Clorox. The crops don’t have synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers or use radiation to kill bacteria. Animals on Organic farms eat only Organic feed.

The animals are not confined and can roam around free. The animals are Not injected with antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.

I do not want my fruits and vegetables to be soaked in a Clorox bath were they loose all their nutrients and flavor and then sprayed with a waxy substance so the can be pretty. Gallery lights are set above the produce so it can shine off the wax and almost sparkle. I want to see natural texture and bruises that tell you when the fruit and vegetables are ripe. I would have never thought so many pesticides were used. There are about 40 pesticides used on non Organic brown rice. About 51 pesticides used on non Organic leafy green vegetables. Those non Organic strawberries have a whopping 59 pesticides used on them. Why I am trying to stay away from so many chemicals, because the exposure to chemicals can cause DNA damage and breakage. This leads to genetic mutations, cancer, and sometimes death. Organic is good for life.

*EXTRA PICKY TIP – Your investment in your health today; will save you thousands of dollars in healthcare cost in your future. *