Sunday, December 31, 2017

GRATITUDE - Appreciating Each Day!

Start 2018 with gratitude by appreciating each day!

Waking Up This Morning- Every morning when I wake up I say thank you to YAH (God) and Yahshua (Jesus) for waking me up. Then I say I love you to both. I touch my heart when I am doing this or talking to the Lord. Share the joy by saying Good Morning (God's Morning) to someone. 

Opening Your Eyes- Just appreciating the ability to open my eyes. I could be living in darkness (for example like someone's hand covering my eyes.) Ability to see my family in front of me. Waking up to my husband. Watching my kids grow up. Being able to see the Truth, given Spiritual Discernment of what is right and what is wrong. Share the joy by telling someone how much you appreciate them.

Having the Breath of Life-  The ability to take a nice deep breath. Enjoying the ability to inhale and exhale. Thankful to not be on oxygen or hooked up to a ventilator.  Take this joy in with a big stretch and yawn to get more oxygen in. 

Hearing All of Life - Being able to hear and not living in total silence. Living in Pasadena some of us get frustrated because we are woken up by the Pasadena Parrots. Yes, it is around six in the morning, but the sounds of the day are just beginning. The ability to hear other peoples day start around us. The laughs and the sayings of, "have a good day." Share the joy by asking how someone else is doing; maybe you can turn their day around by just hearing that you care.       

Smelling Life-  Enjoy the ability to smell. We experience so much through smell. In the morning we smell the dampness of the dew and the freshness of the flowers. Before we have our cup of coffee we smell the great aroma of the coffee first. We can smell the flavor of the food as it is being cooked.  Enjoy your favorite smells with your aroma therapy if it is someone or nature. 

In conclusion, a lot of times we take these things for granted but we really shouldn't. These are true Blessings. We shouldn't be looking towards things to make us happy. Just enjoy the simple basics of life and not worry about the things that other people have or what we feel like we don't have. Right now your rich with life and enjoy the day. Praise YAH (God) and thank Yahshua (Jesus) for his dying for our sins to see a better day. (John 3:16) Let it not all be in vain. Be present and enjoy life today!