Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby Pick: First 5 California


I signed up for First 5 California a couple of months ago.  I signed up by calling their listed telephone number and requesting a kit by mail. In this free kit, there is a book for new parents. There is a refrigerator flyer for poison control. A go to book on what to do if your child gets sick. An interactive touch and feel baby book, along with an educational DVD. 

I learned a lot from the books and the DVD. What has shocked me in my learning of how important the first year of a child's life is. How many life skills are beginning to develop and how the child will cope in life. I agree with breast feeding your baby for a great healthy start. Teaching the baby from an early age and making learning fun. Teaching the child safety and being aware of what they are doing. There are also great tips on finding a quality child care facility.

What I didn't agree with, was their advice on immunizations. I have been exposed to the medical field and have been vaccinated as an adult. I felt horrible as a result to being vaccinated along with having reactions to it.  Now there are so many vaccinations that are given appose to how many that were given thirty years ago. There are many stories about vaccinations that have caused harm to children and adverse effects. 

I also didn't agree with the advice on fluoride for oral health. The evidence is out there of the effects of fluoride leading to the increased health problems. Fluoride is related to arthritis, birth effects, cancer, thyroid dysfunction and decreased IQ. There are holistic dentist that do not use fluoride and consider it a toxic poison along with not using mercury for fillings.      

I didn't agree with the advice on discipline. There are different ways to discipline your child. Every child is different. The video was against spanking and I was spanked as a child.  I remember pushing the limits with my mom and I understood what I did and why I got a spanking. I feel for those who had parents that took their bad days out on them. We suppose to learn from what we been through and overcome it. We don't suppose to keep our issues and put them on our child. The child is their own person, they are not your own little me. You are there to teach them and guide them. Teaching them to be responsible for their actions; simple cause and effect. A child shouldn't feel like they are getting away with anything. In life they will always be accountable for their actions to God.