Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pick of the Week: 5 Cheap Ways to Spring Clean Naturally

I have been using vinegar to clean everything around the house. I have found it to be very effective. I made this list because I wanted to share natural chemical free cleaning agents that were affordable. I also wanted to share good preventable uses that could be used all year long. It concerned me while doing research and finding out how hazardous mothballs can be. EPA has linked short-term exposure of mothballs to humans to be linked to cataracts, liver and neurological damage. Why are we still using these in our homes? We should be sharing this information with everyone we know. Happy Cleaning!    

1. All Purpose Cleaner - Vinegar can clean everything. 1/2 C Vinegar and 1/2 C baking soda is good for a drain cleaner and good for a scrub paste. Wipe away mold with strait vinegar. Clean glass and mirrors with water and vinegar with newspaper. For wood use 1/4 C White Vinegar and 30 ounces of water.

2. Air Freshener- You can keep the house fresh all year long by using your favorite essential oil on cotton balls and tucking them out of sight. Keep carpets fresh with sprinkling about a cup of baking soda to deodorize.

3. Clean Closets- Clean up the clutter and donate unused items. Donate what you have not worn or don't plan to wear. You can turn your heavier cloth into cleaning rags and reuse them with cleaning them in the washer.

4. No Moth Balls- Protect your clothes with natural bug repellent with: cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and whole cloves.

5. Clean Oven- Stay away from those harsh oven cleaners and use baking soda and water and let it stand overnight and wipe clean in the morning.