Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pick of the Week: The Restaurant Tender Greens

I recently went for a late lunch to the restaurant Tender Greens with a friend in Pasadena, CA. This is a great place for a light lunch. The meal was not heavy at all. I had a simple salad and steak. The steak had a great texture and was not fatty. The lemonade was the best lemonade I have ever had. The environment was comfortable with a nice dinning experience; with real plates, silverware and glasses. As we were leaving, the dinner candles came out and the lights dimmed for a romantic mood. 

Tender Greens is a responsible healthy restaurant. Their produce comes from natural local farms and you can taste the fresh ripeness of the vegetables. They have organic tea and use organic ingredients when available. All the oils and condiments are cold pressed. The beef is hormone and antibiotic free. The chickens are free range and grain feed. The tuna is wild caught in the Pacific. The breads and desserts are baked fresh daily. I am really glad that I tried this place and a great stop on Colorado Blvd.