Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Pick: Baby Bump App

The Baby Bump App is absolutely great. I have been using this app since the first day I found out I was pregnant. I can't take the credit for finding the app, because my husband was on it. The first thing we did with the app was calculating my due date. Then I took my first pregnancy photo and the app keeps the date of the photo. The Baby Bump app gives you  day by day advice of what is going on with your body and solutions. It also mentions things to be cautious for. There are only few things I disagreed with so far as advice. I am against drinking caffeine, dying my hair and eating fish (that is not fresh water) while pregnant.   

There is also a week by week that tells you what is going on with the baby. Things that you might notice going on with your body and how the baby is growing. There is also illustrations followed by how much the baby weighs and the new shape the baby has taken on. There is also a count down of how many days you have to go and what trimester your in. You can keep up with your measurements of your weight and waist. I personally don't use this because I am not interested in being obsessed with my weight and how much my waist has grown. Some women become really worried that they are getting fat and they start dieting while pregnant and cause deficiencies.  I measure by my pants not fitting and my belly can't fit in my shirt anymore. You find out your weight when you go to the doctors and they will tell you if your growing at the right pace.  Women are different in how they gain weight as well. Some women actually lose weight or stay at their original weight, but most gain a good 25 to 30 pounds. Your body changes and you have to remember that it is not about you, its about having a healthy baby!     

You can track your feelings by Mood, Energy, Appetite, Cravings, Morning sickness and other notes you would like to track. I remember all my up and downs and the rush of emotions. These are kept on a calender that you can go back and reference. This is great if there is something going on with you that you don't understand and you can make a note of it and tell your doctor at your next doctors appointment.There are several groups that you can be a part of and have discussions. It is like many other communities where you can log in with Facebook or just log in with Baby Bump. I would recommend this app to every pregnant women and anybody that knows a pregnant women. It has been very helpful.